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You would like to have a pretty looking sticky chai to enjoy at home but then realised that you only own an ugly strainer and your only carrier bags are from the supermarket? Almost sinful, isn't it? No worries, we've got you covered with the Chai walla connoisseur set. All four Chai walla sticky chai varieties (classic masala, rooibos caffeine free, chili choc, curcuma cocos) come with a rose gold sieve and a gymbag. So you can let yourself be seen on the street and strain your pretty chai in a pretty sieve. This makes drinking chai even more fun.

Chai Walla Connoisseur Set

  • We deliver with the Swiss Post and are currently unable to offer free shipping. The shipping cost is 6.50. Orders exceeding 75.- are free of charge. Why don't you organise a bulk order with all your friends?

  • Although we take the greatest effort and lovingly handcraft our chai, mistakes can happen (where there is manual labour, there is room for human error). If you are not satisfied with the chai for any reason, we will be happy to replace your purchase, we don't want to leave you in the world without chai!

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