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Chai walla - Sticky chai from Zurich

Made with a combination of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, star anise, black pepper, coriander seed, sea salt, ceylon black tea, agave and good vibes. The result is a deliciously smooth not too spicy, not too sweet chai made with nothing but natural ingredients. Ooh Yeah!

What is Sticky chai?

Simply speaking, sticky chai is your everyday chai's pretty sweet sister. The stimulating flavour of nine spices and Ceylon tea is conserved and enhanced in liquid gold: agave. Switch to the tasty sister now.


chili chocholate chai

We have now released our awesome chili, choc, chai. Made to spice things up a little, based on our original sticky chai recipe, chili choc chai also includes cacao and habanero chili for a surprising kick. The result is a creamy, slightly spicy drink that warms the soul. It tastes great with any milk, and if you want it a little sweeter then just add honey or agave. 

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Curcuma coco chai

Our sunshine: chai mixture with turmeric and a hint of coconut. This mixture brings colour to dark days, warmth to your stomach and a smile to your face. You don't believe it? Then try it out!


Rooibos caffeine free

It is late in the evening or you are caffeine sensitive? Don't panic, you don't have to suffer of a life without chai! Our classic blend is also available without black tea but with rooibos. Just as good - or even better - and you can sleep wonderfully. We wish you sweet (chai) dreams!

Full Moon

Orangutan chai


Straight from the jungle into your cup. With the orangutan chai, you have the opportunity to bring a piece of wilderness to you and protect a piece of jungle at the same time. From every pack sold, 5 francs go to the Suaq Orangutan Project. A fine thing!


where to buy & enjoy chai walla


Buy Here
Bagel Boys
Bäckerei Vuaillat, Uster
Milchbar am Paradeplatz
Phil's Coffee to Go, Bern
Rush Coffee & Co
Soul City
Schipfe 16

Drink here
Bäckerei Vuaillat, Uster
Barista - Specialty Coffee & Bar, St.Gallen
Bagel Boys
Fabrik 11, Dübendorf
Florian Caffe & Bar, Bern

das Gleis
Gleis 11

Il Macchinista
Kahawa Cafe & Roastery, Zug
Kafi Dihei
Lola's Kitchen
Marea Cafe & Cocktail Bar

Milchbar am Paradeplatz
Okapi Restaurants, Neuchâtel

Phil's Coffee to Go, Bern
Rentabarista- Wipkingen
Rentabarista- Staufacher
Rush Coffee & Co, Lutry

Schipfe 16
Schmück to go
Soul City
Soul of Mosquito

Stettbacher Cafe
Tiny Fish

XYLO café bar
Zermatt Kafee Rosterei

Contact us if you'd like to introduce delicious chai walla to your home town, cafe or store!

To facilitate your customers way into chai heaven, we also produce a chai concentrate based on our sticky chai. 


How to make a sticky chai 

ALl Varieties, for a 250ml serving

how to2.jpg
  • mix 1 heaped tablespoon of sticky chai with 1/3 water and 2/3 plant or cow milk (total of 250ml)

  • heat on medium temperature but do not boil. Allow to steep for a few minutes. 

  • sieve the chai into your cup and enjoy - sweeten according to taste with agave or honey. 


about us

We are Nathan and Livia. The idea for sticky chai came from Nathan's home town Melbourne. As a cook and a biologist, both taste and naturalness is of utmost importance to us.

You can challenge Nathan to a game of tennis at any time. If you win you'll get a pack of sticky chai.

If you want to know more about us (how we like our chai best or why our cat only has three legs) feel free to contact us.

You're only here because you like the package and the Chai walla man? Then visit this page.

hello chai walla - contact us!


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